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Welcome to the Assetto Corsa corner of Meet & Cruise. Here you will find all the information you need to get started playing on the servers!

Meet and Cruise Official - Drift #1

Join Link [CM]
Season 2 Welcome Pack Required

Meet and Cruise Official - Mountain Drift

Join Link [CM]
Gouki Mountain Pack required

Live Map and Session Timing
Assetto Corsa on Steam

Meet and Cruise Official - LA Canyons

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LA Canyons Pack required
Optional Packs
SRP Slow Car Pack
Street Car Pack

Meet and Cruise Official - Racing

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Go-Karts Pack required

Server Information

Mod Packs

Installation Guide

Follow these steps to get started with Assetto Corsa



Assetto Corsa Install

1. Open Steam

2. Find Assetto Corsa in your Library

3. Click "Install"

4. This guide assumes a default install location of "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa"

5. Now you're ready to proceed with the installation of Content Manager



Content Manager - Sol - CSP Install

1. Copy "Content Manager.exe" to a folder on your computer
(example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\contentManager)

2. Run
Content Manager by clicking on the "Content Manager.exe" file

3. Make sure it detects your
steam username and the location of the Assetto Corsa game files, you may need to direct it to this folder if it isn't in the location seen above.

4. Make sure to install the
"7zip" plugin so Content Manager can work with compressed files.

5. Once Content Manager is open, start by dragging the
"Sol" file into the Content Manager window.

5b. You will see
a icon with three lines turn green on the title bar to the right(next to the close window icon) click the three lines icon and a menu will appear you will see the option to install Sol 2.2.1, go ahead and do that now.

6. In Content Manager navigate to
Settings > Custom Shaders Patch and click install.

7. Once
Custom Shaders Patch is installed, scroll down the list of options on the left side till you see weatherFX, make sure to tick "Active" under "Extension".

7b. Then on
"Controller Script" make sure to select "Sol 2.2", and double check the "Weather Script" is "Sol"

8. You're all set with the essential mods, make sure to configure your input method (wheel, controller, mouse) and any graphics options you'd like to change.


Wheel Checker & LUTGenerator

Note: this really only applies to lower force wheels like the Logitech G920

1. Extract the "Wheel Files.zip" into a folder of your choosing

2. Make sure you have 3 files in this folder

  • LUTGenerator.exe
  • LUTLibrary.dll
  • WheelCheck.exe

3. Make sure your wheel software is running and your wheel is plugged in and connected.


4. Start by opening "WheelCheck.exe"


5. You'll see an option second from the top called "Spring Force" click on that to bring up a drop down menu.


5b. Select "Step Log 2 (linear force test)".


6. You will notice your wheel starting to jerk to one side, this is the program performing it's test, allow it to complete.


7. Once your wheel stops moving open up an File Explorer window and navigate over to your "Documents" folder, you'll notice a new file there called "log 2 <date test ran>.csv".


8. Now we need to open LUTGenerator.exe you'll see a window pop up with one button that says "Open CSV & Save LUT"


9. Navigate to your "Documents" folder and select the "Log2xxx.csv" file


10. A new window will pop up allowing you to save the generated LUT, default location is "C:\Users<USER>\Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg" recommended to save here.


11. Once you have the LUT saved open Content Manager and navigate to Settings > Assetto Corsa > Controls > Force Feedback and find the "Post-Processing" section


12. Tick "Enable FFB post-processing", select "Mode: LUT". If you saved it in the location above it should show up in the list automatically. If you saved it in another location, click on "Import LUT" and navigate to your LUT.


13. All done!