Mountain Rush

The greatest rally adventure awaits!


Welcome To Mountain Rush Rally League, A fun and friendly competitive stage rally organization In Forza Horizon 5! Grab a car, pick a spec, and hit the dirt to compete for the best stage time to become the driver’s champion

Rules of Rally

A season of Mountain Rush will be broken into stages. A stage is a section of driving area that can consist of Dirt, Road, or a combination of the two. A driver will be sent in the stage against the clock in order to achieve the best time they can. There will be several staff cars observing for track cutting or any other sketchy plays. For each cut observed, a penalty of 2 seconds will be applied to the driver’s final stage time. A driver will be awarded points depending on how well they do in a stage. At the end of a season. The driver with the most total points will be crowned the Driver’s Champion.

The Art of Rally

The goal of Mountain Rush is to pay homage to the sport that inspired us. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn't for over a half a century of crazy drivers, and outstanding engineering that make the World Rally Championship what it is. With that being said, we have decided to break the league into multiple sets of specifications that encompass all eras of rally! Each spec will have its own quirks, such as year restrictions, horsepower ranges, and drivetrain limitations. Branching out this far has allowed us to explore all eras of rally, without tying every car to a determined speed


As mentioned, Mountain Rush is a stage-based Rally League. This means that a Season will consist of 5-15 Stages. Courses will consist of both Dirt and Road conditions. Time-trials will be marked by individual drivers making their best attempt

Rally Seasons

A Mountain Rush season can be open restriction or themed. This allows for variety and the ability for drivers to try something new


A season may consist of 5-15 stages depending on the season. Points will be awarded based on the number of drivers at a rally, and what position you place


Additionally, the driver with the fastest stage time will be awarded +1 Point. The driver with the most points at the end of a season will win the driver’s championship!


Exhibition Stages will be single driver and few stage competitions and can be open restriction or themed. Times will be announced shortly following an event.

Driver Etiquette

During our meets we ask that all drivers adhere to SCCA driving etiquette, we will have a spotter during timed runs looking for cuts or any other violations. During open practice we ask all drivers to pull aside/slow down or otherwise make room for traffic which can be coming from both ways. 

We want everyone to have a fair chance at getting a good practice run in before timed runs start. We understand accidents happen and sometimes they are unavoidable, but if it becomes a recurring thing for someone, that person will be asked to park for the remainder of the open practice session. If they fail to do this, they will be removed from the meet. 

We also understand there is a competitive element to this league and competitive spirit is to arise with that. Still, we ask all members to be respectful during challenges/meet chats/channel discussion etc. We encourage a little trash talking, but if it gets out of hand the event staff will have to put an end to it. 


Note for all specs 

All rally specs will follow these basic restrictions and then branch off in their own way 

  • A rally car must be street legal 

  • A rally car must have the following parts installed no matter the spec

    • Full Racing cage 

    • Rally Differential 

    • Rally tires for dirt stages

    • Race semi slicks for road stages 

  • A rally car may not contain any of these upgrades 

    • Drivetrain swaps

    • Engine swaps 

    • Aero that modifies downforce 

      • Cosmetic aero is allowed

  • Specs will be broken down to 4 different components

    • Horsepower to weight ratio in hp/1000 KG 

      • Note: 1000 KG= 2204.62 LBS 

    • Drivetrain requirements

      • Specs can limit to 2wd or 4wd, or include both 

    • Tire width 

      • Specs can have different average tire widths. This can be calculated by adding the front width in mm and the rear width in mm, and dividing by 2 

    • Transmission availability