A quick introduction to M&C and blogging here

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Photo credits : @AshMomin

How it all came about, how it’s going to work and what we have planned.

Here it is.

After a many more or less productive work sessions and a lot of back & forth, we’ve made it. Welcome to M&C blogging. Here you can find a lot of exciting community content, all related to the Meet&Cruise server, cars and the Forza license. We have pictures, articles and maybe videos, who knows! First, let me introduce the M&C community to those of you that do not know us yet, or who have just arrived. Get ready, grab a cold drink and your popcorn. It all started about a year and a half ago, when our lord and savior, OMGWTHEFBBQ, got sad and disappointed while trying to use the "Looking for Group" cruises, Forza's internal group-finder. They were too wild, had no theme, the Game VoiceChats weren’t good enough and they were hard to plan. He had to act, and act he did. He went on Discord, created a server and boom. That’s how our baby was born. The discord server was created, and gained traction very quickly thanks to reddit posts, instagram, sharing and a lot of gifted Jeep Willys. And then lockdown happened, and we cruised a lot. And I mean a lot. Staying inside our houses made us crazy, so we spent whole nights cruising and talking. It was great. Friendships were forged, even if that sounds cheesy! I may do a whole article on the M&C life-story, that’s how cool it all was. To sum up the mood in our server, it is a lot of banter, car talk and debates about the best way to cook steaks. We also have a lot of challenges and leagues managed by community members. There surely is one for you, wether you’re more into drifting, drag racing, track times or even rally. If you don’t have the mind of a racer, then you’ll still be able to participate in Photographer of the week! We've also got secret challenges coming, but I can’t talk about that here yet. Just know it’ll involve photography, but you won’t need need to use Photo Mode for this one.

Photo credits : @AshMomin

Now, onto blogging. First off, I’m very proud to say that this is kind of my baby, creatively speaking. I’ve always been looking for a place to talk about cars, and it’s finally arrived. In here, you will see community content related to FH5, but not only that. We plan to do in-game meet reports, meet backstories and in-game car reviews, but also to open ourselves up to the real world. We will feature IRL meet reports, where we’ll be taking pictures of the coolest cars we see, talking to some owners and recording some juicy sound clips; IRL car reviews; project-car journals submitted by community members and just general car talk. We already have a little team built that you will meet over the course of the next few weeks, publishing all types of content : from writing to art, we've got everything covered, including photography, 3D rendering, etc. We’re also looking to grow, so if you have any talent related to cars, wether you are new to the server or not, hit us up by email or on Discord and introduce yourself. We're excited to hear what you got.

Photo credits : @AshMomin

As you can see, Meet&Cruise is as busy as a beehive, with a hardworking team bringing out their best for you guys. Now, we are more than five thousands members in here (always surprised by that figure), and we’re all awaiting for the servers to stabilize so we can go back to the good ol’ days of cruisin’! We can’t wait, everyone is full of ideas, and it’s just so frustrating. Turn10, PlaygroundGames, Microsoft, you know what we’re waiting for! We really do have a lot planned for this space. Some stuff I’ve told you about, some I haven’t. I would also like to thank Mr. BBQ and Catflip for all their help planning and creating the blogging space, because confession time : I do not know crap about coding and building websites and it truly couldn’t’ve been done without them. Keep an eye out as we continue to grow more, as a team and through our content.

Photo credits : @AshMomin Article : @CapybaraPin7572

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