Prepped Category is meant for street-drivable vehicles between Tuner and Max categories, with common OE engine swaps or aftermarket forced induction or camshafts. Vehicles in this Category may also install mild aero modifications and simple engine bolt-on parts.

Allowed Upgrades

A minimum of 5 of that model must have been produced that model year for road use.

The vehicle must be capable of being licensed for normal road use and delivered through the manufacturer's retail sales outlets.

No kit cars ((Rossion Q1, Ascari KZ1R, etc))

In addition to the above, the car should be obtainable for under $100K USD, new or used. Most supercars and track focused cars from the factory will be in Max-Option 1.


Any vehicle below the minimum weight in its displacement class would move up to the next class.

Displacement Modifiers: Forced induction: 1.5x displacement, with an additional .5 for each forced induction unit. E.g., Twin turbo x2, quad turbo x 3

Rotary/2-Cycle: 2x displacement, times any forced induction multiplier.

Electric Vehicles: KW/50


Intake - Sport (*Race if keeping OE N/A engine)

Intake Manifold/Carburetor - Stock (*Race if keeping OE N/A engine)

Fuel System - Sport

Carburetor - Sport

Ignition - Race

Exhaust - Sport

Camshaft - *Only able to upgrade to Sport if keeping OE N/A engine

Valves - Stock

Single/Twin Turbo - Stock

Centrifugal Supercharger - Stock

Positive Displacement Supercharger - Stock

Intercooler - Sport

Displacement - Stock

Pistons and Compression - Stock

Rotors & Compression - Stock

Oil and Cooling - Sport

Flywheel - Race

Platform and Handling

Brakes - Race

Spring and Dampers - Race

Anti Roll Bars - Race

Chassis Reinforcement - Race

Weight Reduction - Sport (if using a full roll cage, otherwise use street)


Engine - Must be a realistic swap from a production car of the same manufacturer, and that engine must have been produced and delivered in at least 2,500 vehicles per calendar year ((e.g. No 7.0L Racing, Racing V12, 1.6L Turbo Rally, 4 Rotor Racing, etc).


Must stay transverse/longitudinal as the OE car came with (can’t swap an LS into an EVO)

Aspiration - No Twin Turbo; Must be a realistic swap   

Drivetrain - May swap drivetrain IF it matches engine swap (240SX swapped with RB26 and AWD, but no AWD on its own. No LS and AWD. Drivetrain MUST come with engine)

Widebody - Allowed


Bumpers/Side Skirts - No Restrictions

Hood - No Restrictions

Wing - No Restrictions* (Only one wing, and no wings attached to the OE wing)

Front spoiler - No Restrictions


Clutch - Sport

Transmission - Sport

Driveline - Stock

Differential - Sport

Tires and Rims

Tire Compound - Semi Slick

Tire Width - No Restrictions

Track Width - No Restrictions

Wheels - No Restrictions