Tuner Category is intended for street-driven vehicles on performance tires with bolt-on modifications that allow for tuning and adjustment.

Allowed Upgrades

A minimum of 1,000 of that model must have been produced that model year for road use.

The vehicle must be capable of being licensed for normal road use and delivered through the manufacturer's retail sales outlets.

In addition to the above, the car should be obtainable for under $100K USD, new or used. Most supercars and track focused cars from the factory will be in Max-Option 1.


Intake - Sport

Intake Manifold - Stock

Fuel System - Street

Carburetor - Street

Ignition - Sport

Exhaust - Sport

Camshaft - Stock

Valves - Stock

Single/Twin Turbo - Stock

Centrifugal Supercharger - Stock

Positive Displacement Supercharger - Stock

Intercooler - Street

Displacement - Stock

Pistons and Compression - Stock

Rotors & Compression - Stock

Oil and Cooling - Sport

Flywheel - Street

Platform and Handling

Brakes - Race

Spring and Dampers - Race

Anti Roll Bars - Race

Chassis Reinforcement - Sport

Weight Reduction - Street


Clutch - Street

Transmission - Street

Driveline - Stock

Differential - Sport


Bumpers - Stock

Side Skirts - Stock

Hood - Stock

Wing - Stock

Front spoiler - Stock

*Other trim levels are allowed


Engine - Stock

Aspiration - Stock

Drivetrain - Stock

Widebody - Stock

Tires and Rims

Tire Compound - Semi Slick

Tire Width - See chart 

Track Width - No Restrictions

Wheels - No Restrictions

Tire Size Limits

Tires shall have a section width up to and including the following (mm):


Cars in Tuner Classes 2-5 and are otherwise legal for Tuner category may bump up classes based on tire size. Cars in Tuner 1 with oversized tires will go into their appropriate Prepped or Max category class.