Unlimited Category is for those production-based vehicles that are not street-going or are pure race cars. Pretty much anything goes. This is where you’ll have supercars/hypercars/factory track cars with maxed out upgrades, swaps, widebodies.

Allowed Upgrades

Must be based on production automobiles and bear a noticeable resemblance to their production counterparts. 

Exhaust doesn’t exit out of the hood/in front of the passenger compartment (side exit okay as long as it’s behind the passenger compartment, like on the 2016 Viper (Hoonicorn would not be eligible)


Any vehicle below the minimum weight in its displacement class would move up to the next class.

Displacement Modifiers:

Forced induction: 1.5x displacement, with an additional .5 for each forced induction unit. E.g., Twin turbo x2, quad turbo x 3

Rotary/2-Cycle: 2x displacement, times any forced induction multiplier.

Electric Vehicles: KW/50

No restrictions on upgrades